P.O. BOX 4      NEWARK, NY 14513-0004                

MEETINGS are held on the 2nd FRIDAY of each month at 7:00 P.M.  Meetings in July & August are held at different locations and will be announced in June and at this website.

LOCATION is at the Presbyterian Church, Maple Court St., Newark (Please use North side entrance of church to enter)     (MAP)


OBJECT of our club is to stimulate interest in earth science, the collection and classification of minerals and fossils, the lapidary arts, and gem cutting. 

THE CLUB is a non-profit, educational, and recreational organization.

It is affiliated with:

1. The Eastern Federation of Mineral and Lapidary Societies, Inc. (EFMLS)

     Region III   Michael Kessler    4 Longfellow Rd, E. Stroudsburg, PA 18301

570-242-5091   ,  quartz1313@gmail.com 

2. The American Federation of Mineral Societies, Inc. (AFMS)


MONTHLY PROGRAMS are "down to earth" with learn-how sessions, informative speakers, slide programs, videos, exhibits, contests, etc. All find this a fascinating hobby because of its many aspects. GUESTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME to attend our meetings. Field trips are taken during good weather (And sometimes when its not so good). Guides show us productive locations and tell us what to look for. Details, Maps, and information are also found in our monthly newsletter, the "Wayne County Gem and Mineral Club News"which each member receives either by email or U.S. Postal service. Mini-Miners meet at 6:30 PM for a program specifically for them.


Wayne County Gem and Mineral Club Founded in 1973 by Robert Walker
of Marion, NY and Marion Wheaton of East Williamson, NY, the club has
brought many fun filled years to the local “rock hounds” and mineral buffs
alike. The Club’s first meeting was held on February 6, 1973 at the Marion
High School where Robert was a Student. Robert “Bob” and several other
local mineral and gem enthusiasts had been traveling 40+ miles each way to
attend the only area club which was in Hannibal, NY and it was decided that
“someone” should start a local club. Bob and Marion were asked if they
would be willing to do so. The first meeting drew in about 30 people. That
night many of the attendees joined the new club.


In the years to follow the club had many adventures, good times, and great
experiences. Officially, the club’s objective is to, “stimulate an interest in
the Earth Sciences and in the collecting and classification of minerals and
fossils and in the art of gem cutting.” The club’s meetings and activities
reflect this objective while having a great time occasionally learning a thing
or two.