P.O. BOX 4 NEWARK, NY 14513-0004


    Meetings    7:00 PM 

  Meetings are held the 2nd Friday of the month at 7:00 PM

Location: at the Park Presbyterian Church, Maple Court St., Newark (CLICK for MAP)  

Next Meeting :  Friday January 14, 2022. Mask may be  required.


 WCGMC Newsletter  January 2022 





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Quarterly Nwsltr for Sand Collectors  Jan. 2022 Vol. 3 #1 

Oct.2021  "wcgmc Sand Times"


EFMLS Newsletter:  January 2022 


  Wayne County Gem & Mineral Club Schedule

 January 29th  -  trip to the Museum of the Earth in Ithaca,  10:30 AM 

     https://www.museumoftheearth.org/   Sign-up at the January meeting or via e-mail to Stephen Mayer (stephenmayer054@gmail.com).  We need to do this so we can contact you about a weather-induced change.   




  check Events Calendar for Points Out and Around



Interactive Map of Collecting Locations (see also p.6 of April Newsletter 


  Upcoming WCGMC Workshops              Map

    January 15  & February 12


Bring your rocks to saw and/or polish. The workshop is

open to all paid club members; we do ask for $5/visit

from each adult to help maintain equipment. We plan

to hold similar workshops once a month through the year. 


A protective mask must be worn inside the shop.


When:  10:00 AM til 3:00 PM, 


Where:  The Weiler’s Barn and Workshop            

                 6676 E. Port Bay Rd, Wolcott, NY  Map


Rules:  BYOR (Bring your own rocks, there are many that

            can be purchased) to saw, grind, polish or even facet.  

            Training on equipment is available.  Eye protection is

            highly recommended.   



Reminder: Membership runs from Oct. - Sept.

   (Microsoft Word Fill-in Form)  or   (PDF printable form)

Members for 2020-21 as of 11/24/21:


Affronti, Alexander, Avery, W. Anderson, G. Anderson, Ashley, Atwood, Bancroft, Bastedo,  

Beck, Biedenbach, Boyce, Braell, Breese, Brown, Bruce, Cataldos, Cappon, Carter, 

Chambers, Chapman, Chase, Chethey, Chilcott, B.Clark, D.Clark, Coleman, Cooper, 

Corbin, Cordaro, Crofoot , Curcio, Craig, Carter, Daniels, Desmond, Diaz, Dobbs, 

Donahue, Eck, ELam, Ellias, Errico, Federico, Freed, Ferris, Franko, Freiburg, 

Garabedian, Gates, Glaser, Guilfoyle, Hastings, Haynes, Hiler, Hubbard, Imel, Inzero, 

Sc.Jones, Su.Jones, Keeler, Keneston, Kirsop, Kisselburgh, Klass, Knight, Lapham, Lesniak, Leszczenski, Linderbery, Lord, Losert, 

Lyons, Mayer, McDonald, McKay, Meredith, Millis, Moore, Morgenstern, Nudd, 

O'Laughlin, Owens, Pandina, Petschelt, Perkins, Pidor, Pierce, Posha, Posmantur, 

Prezyna, Renken, Rhoades, Rienhardt, Sabocheck, Scherer, Schiltz, Schmidtgall, 

E.Smith, G.Smith, Stanton, Stola, St. John, Thomas, Tokaya, Van_Iderstine, VanNeel, 

Waddy, D.Walker, Watkins, Webster, Weiler, Weldin, Wells, Whitney, J.Wilkins, 

K.Wilkins, Wirth, Woodworth, Zollweg

Davis, Rowe, B.Walker


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Mail us at:                                                                   

Wayne County Gem & Mineral Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 4

Newark, NY 14513-0004 


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PicturesPicnic 8/5/2017  Green's Landing Trip 8/6/2017

 Picture from  Canada Trip 8/2017


 Click for Pictures from Tichenor Point 6/18/11 

Click for Picture from Walworth Dig 10/9&10/10

Click for Pictures from Glendon, NC Check out the 8th pic. down



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